Registration deadline is November 15, 2018.

BioGuard will be providing complimentary roundtrip transportation from Daniel Oduber International Guanacaste Liberia, Costa Rica International Airport to the Dreams Las Mareas from January 2nd to 11th. If you would like transportation between Daniel Oduber International Guanacaste Liberia, Costa Rica International Airport and the Dreams Las Mareas on any of these dates, please fill out the on-line registration form by November 15th. A maximum of two people may be included on each on-line airline registration form submitted. If you are arriving into Costa Rica prior to January 2nd or departing after January 11th, you will be responsible for your own airport transportation.

Before entering your flight information here, we advise you to review your flight itinerary on your airlines’ website or app. Many airlines update their flight schedules in mid-Fall so your flight times may have adjusted, especially if you booked your flight prior to November.

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