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BioGuard H2KNOW classes for 2018 are now open for registration!

How do you translate technical knowledge to selling skills? That is, what does it take to move product off the shelf and into your customer’s hands?

That’s the key question we’ll answer during the ALL-NEW 2018 BioGuard H2Know. Featuring a simulated store setting, our team will demonstrate key sales techniques and help your staff become better at:

  • Asking the right questions
  • Speaking in customer-friendly language
  • Moving purchase decisions to your preferred products
  • Getting people on the 1-2-3 system
This marriage of “know-how” and “how-to” is our response to several dealer requests and will be the perfect supplement to your sales and technical training efforts. Don’t miss it!.

Take a minute to decide which location works for you and REGISTER TODAY! We are looking forward to seeing you!

Welcome to BioGuard H2KNOW